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About the Department


In the Building Department there are three major functions: pre-construction, construction, and licensing.

  • Pre-construction - Prior to the start of construction, the Building Department confirms that all city requirements have been met and reviews plans to ensure they comply with important State and Federal Standards.
  • Construction - During active construction, the Building Department receives requests for inspections and distributes them to the appropriate City Departments. The inspectors then complete inspections, notifying the permit holder of any inadequacies found on the job site. At the close of the project, the Building Department checks that all other City Department requirements have been satisfied and issues a Certificate of Occupancy or Completion.
  • Licensing – The Contractor Review Board issues licenses, reviews cases and hears complaints. The Board makes recommendations to the Department of Business and Professional Regulations for penalties on State-Certified Contractors. The Board also imposes fines/penalties or suspends permitting privileges for locally licensed individuals.


Current goals of the Sanibel Building Department include the following:

  • To implement a new computer system to establish and track permitting
  • Annual reviews for NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) and ISO(The Insurances Services Office, Inc.)


Recent accomplishments of the Sanibel Building Department include the following:

  • The Department has continued to improve service to contractors and the community
  • In our annual review with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and National Flood Insurance Program, we maintained a 5 rating, which produces a 25 percent reduction in flood insurance premiums for all property owners on Sanibel.
  • The Department has implemented the changes for the 5th Edition of the Florida Building Code and has worked to educate contractors about these changes.
  • The Department has worked to build a strong, cohesive unit of highly trained professionals who are posed to address future events and the protection of Sanibel citizens.
  • The staff has worked with citizens on resolving or carrying complaints on licensed contractors to the Contractor Review Board.


The Building Department is always challenged with improving service. One major area that can be improved is file access by computer through Munis computer program. Upgrading the City information system through Laserfiche will allow the Department to be more user-friendly. The Building Department is also aware that a concerted effort is needed to inform citizens about hiring properly licensed contractors. By using licensed contractors, citizens can be protected from unsafe non-code compliant situations on their properties.

Learn more about the Department (pdf 573.91 kB)